Paris Adventure 2016/2017

PARIS 2017

Each year we take between 30 and 40 children from Year 4, 5 and 6 to Paris.
We stay in one of the hotels on the site of Disney Land Paris and visit both Disney Parks and the Disney Village.
We also spend days in Paris and visit the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and have dinner on the Champs Elysee.
We shall be leaving school on Monday 16th January and returning on Friday 20th January 2017.
For further information please speak to a member of staff in the school office.

PARIS 2016

What a week!!! Members of 4, 5 and 6 children decided to have a week’s adventure in Paris. The week started 6am Monday morning and finished 7pm Friday night.
Once we had travelled by coach and ferry, we spent the week visiting Disney land Paris including the studios park. The rides were exhilarating!!
It was fantastic experiencing French culture and cuisine first hand and the luxury of The Explorers hotel - where we could practice our French with the hotel staff!
We all had the best week, with lots of fun and laughter and we would all love to do it all  over again!!

PARIS  2015


Here we are again – 5.40am outside school gates.  A group of very excited children ready to embark on a fantastic trip to Paris.

Goodbyes over, children settled and we are off to Dover for the short crossing to Calais.  A couple of toilet stops and a few hours later we were on board the ferry.  For a number of children it was the first time they had been away without their parents/carers and also the first time they had been abroad.  The crossing was perfect - so calm – some of the children had experienced very rough crossings but we were lucky this year and no-one was sea sick!  Some 45 minutes later we arrive in Calais and so begins the journey through France to Paris.

We make great time and arrive at our hotel early evening.  Rooms sorted and it’s off for our evening meal.  The children made their own choices at the buffet and by and large everyone enjoyed their food.  By now it was very late and time for bed.  The sleeping arrangements were terrific and the children settled, tiredness took over and all rooms became quiet.

A very long day came to an end and the children were looking forward to a fabulous few days in Paris.


Well – what can I say – the last thing we expected was the fire alarm to go off but – go off it did – and at 6.30am we were all congregating in the lobby – oh dear not how we expected the day to begin!  However, the fire drill practices at Norton had obviously prepared the children on how to evacuate the building and they behaved exactly as they should but  hey ho  it was a false alarm.  Everyone went back to their rooms with our day beginning somewhat earlier than expected.  Breakfast, medicines and money sorted and we were ready to board the coach for our drive into Paris. 

Our driver, Ian, dropped us off fairly close to the Pompidou Centre and we spent an interesting few hours in the museum and looking around the building.  Our visit there came to an end and the children then had their first experience of shopping, making their own decisions on purchases in the Gift Shops of Paris. 

We then make our way back to the coach for the short drive through the City to the Eiffel Tower.  The intention was for the children to eat their packed lunch in the park close by but, guess what, it rained, so lunch was taken on the coach. Lunch over and the children make the short walk to the Tower.  The children couldn’t believe the height of the Tower.  Tickets scanned and we are waiting for the lift to take us to the very top.   Well, that didn’t happen, as we waited for the lift it became very apparent that they had stopped working – reason – it was too windy to operate the lifts.  After what seemed like hours but in actual fact was only about 40 minutes, we were allowed into the lifts for the ascent to the top.  Right to the top we went, every child wanted to experience this and a great time was had walking around the outside of the Tower.  We make our way back to the lifts and very soon we are back to ground level.  Some more souvenir shopping and its time to return to the coach for our journey to the Champs Elysee where we will be having our evening meal.  Decisions again – what will they eat – choices made and eaten we walk to the Arc de Triomphe.  Now for another experience, climbing 195 steps to the very top.  A walk around in the dark looking out across the Paris skyline with everywhere lit up is truly a sight to behold.  Now for the reason we made this climb, we look towards the Eiffel Tower and as if by magic the whole Tower becomes a mass of a million twinkling lights, nothing could be more beautiful.  The light show over and we make our way back to the coach, just in time for one last shop and we are on our way back to the hotel.

A very long day comes to an end and very quickly the children are asleep, recharging their batteries for the next day – the Walt Disney Studios.


Very excited children assemble for breakfast all looking forward to their day.

Breakfast over, groups sorted – those that will – those that might – those that definitely will not – go on any of the thriller rides.  We take the Park shuttle bus  –  an experience in itself – and off we go.  After the bus ride a short walk brings us to the entrance, security checks over – now the day really begins.  In their groups the children experienced shows, rides and meeting Disney characters.  Lunch was taken in the Park and we all met up again at 6pm.  The children shared their experiences with each other.  I have to say the children now know the meaning of queueing –for some rides the queue time was over an hour – surprising how quickly that actually goes when the anticipation of the ride is so great. The problem is, you queue for an hour and the ride lasts under 2 minutes!  For our evening meal we went to Billy Bobs restaurant.  This buffet style restaurant is fabulous for the children, they put together some weird and wonderful assortments of food and can replenish their plates as often as they wish.  Evening meal over and off we go to the Disney Shop for some retail therapy!  Our first Disney day is almost over.  The children gather together and we make our way out of the Park and onto the shuttle for the short journey back to our hotel.

Medications given, the children settle down and all rooms are silent by midnight.


A knock on the door from Mrs. Talbot at 7am signals the beginning of another day.

Breakfast, banking and medicines sorted we make our way to the coach for the journey to the Sealife Aquarium.  This visit is new to us all so it is really exciting.  We see huge fish, flat fish, spotty and stripped fish, very dull and very brightly coloured fish.  Walking through the tunnels was amazing.  The time went so quickly and after making purchases in the Sealife shop we made our way back to the coach, had our packed lunches and returned to the hotel and into the swimming pool.  For safety reasons the children were split into 2 groups.  The more able swimmers could use the very high chute and the less able swimmers were only allowed to use the smaller one which incidentally was still, to me, very high.  The soft play area was also a hit and before we knew it, it was time to get changed and ready to catch the shuttle for the quick trip back to the Park to King Ludwigs Castle for our evening meal.  We had a very pleasant couple of hours here and then it was off again for some more serious shopping.  The children make their purchases.  It is surprising how quickly they become focused on what they want and how they need to spread their money out so they always have enough for their choices.  Time to return to the hotel after another really busy day.

As last night, by midnight all rooms were silent and our “little lovelies” were in the land of nod.


A knock from Mrs. Talbot signals the start of another day.  After breakfast we make our way to the coach for the journey to the Palace of Versailles, another first for us all.  This is another amazing place, the artwork is unbelievable.  The children could look back through time from before the French revolution to almost present day.  We walked all around the Palace through the Grande Palace and Staterooms and through the Hall of Mirrors.  Looking at ceilings from which huge chandeliers hung and paintings from wall to ceiling it was awesome.  Later we went out into the gardens but we didn’t get the best from this as it was very wet and the rain did not stop.  Eventually we returned to the hotel for a quick toilet stop before returning to the Disney Park for our evening meal and more retail therapy.  These children really do know the meaning of “shop till you drop”!  Purchases decided upon we return to the hotel.  The children made their way to bed and by 11.45pm everywhere was silent and another hectic day came to an end.


Our last day and we’re off to Disney.  Breakfast, medicines etc. completed and off we go one last time to have a fabulous fun day in the Park.  Split into the appropriate groups we intend to cram in as much as we possibly can.  Before we know it, it is time to take our positions to watch the renowned Disney Parade. This is truly magical.  To see the look on the children’s faces makes it all worthwhile.  We then head off to the Plaza Gardens Restaurant for our evening meal.  The buffet choices made by the children were “different” to say the least.  Some even tried the snails!  We left the restaurant and found the best position to watch the laser light and fireworks display which takes place on the walls of the Castle.  This display is something which has to be seen to be believed.  It is spectacular.  A very busy day comes to an end and also marks the end of our trip to Paris.


After a very early start the children are settled onto the coach for the drive to Calais. On arrival we experience another first – we are asked by Her Majesty’s Border Control personnel to get the children off the coach and into Passport Inspection.  The children go independently to the desk, are asked their age and name and are then allowed through and back onto the coach.  We then drive onto the ferry.  Lunch was taken in the ferry restaurant after which we make our way to the Lounge area as the ferry sets sail.  Not quite what we wanted as the sea was very rough.  One look at the children told us this wasn’t going to be good.  Colour drained from their faces and sick bags were everywhere.  For me to say any more would come under the heading “too much information” but I am sure you get the picture.  After what seemed like forever we arrive  in Dover.  The children recover quickly from their ordeal and we are back on the coach ready for the long drive home.  We make really good time and arrive back just before 6.45pm.  A group of smiley parents/carers are waiting for us, no doubt relieved to see their ‘babies’ safe.

I think it is fair to say that every child had a wonderful time and they were all a credit to you and the school.

Eileen Harvey – Trustee