Academy Information

Our Mission Statement

“The Brightest Future For All

Our Basic Aims are:

  • To provide an environment where learning is enjoyable and children feel safe.
  • To care for and value everyone in the school community.
  • To support children in developing a respect for themselves and for others.
  • To promote positive attitudes to developing a healthy life style.
  • To help pupils develop enquiring minds and provide opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills to new situations and experiences.
  • To provide challenge and support in achieving high standards in attainment and progress.
  • To make positive contributions to, and rational decisions about, the society in which we live.
  • To help develop an understanding amongst parents of the school’s work, its philosophy and processes.

At the start of the academic year all children within the academy will receive free of charge the following items:

  • A school uniform comprising of 1 blue/gold jumper and 1 blue/gold tie
  • A school PE kit comprising of 1 pair of blue shorts, 1 round neck white T-shirt, 1 blue hoodie and 1 PE bag

In addition all children entering Nursery will be given a school book bag and all children entering Key Stage 2 (Year 3) will be given a school rucksack.

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