Sport and fitness

Sport & Fitness clubs will help you to develop the following values:

  • To enable children to develop a wide range of basic and ongoing knowledge and skills through a variety of sports and fitness activities.
  • To build confidence, self-expression & collaborative learning through the experience of team work.
  • To build self-confidence and social skills through the development of associated physical skills and to play/work together co-operatively through group work.
  • To enable pupils the opportunity to experience and share roles and responsibilities.
  • To support self-esteem and help children to recognise their self-worth.
  • Recognise physical and human resources during sporting activities.
  • To provide opportunities for children to promote and represent the school to a wider audience.

These include: Football, Bee Active, Dodgeball, Multi-Sports, Rounders, Gymnastics, Horse Riding, Golf, Boot Camp, Zumba & lots more across the trust.