Trustees and Local Advisory Governors

The Inspirational Learning Academies Trust has a board of Directors, these are:


Director Type

Mrs Eileen Harvey
Company Director (Chair of Governors at Newstead Primary Academy)
Rev’d Ann Ballard Company Director (Chair at Whitfield Valley Primary Academy)
Mr Alan Irving Company Director (Chair of Governors at Norton Le Moors Primary Academy)
Mrs Leanne Barrow Company Director (Vice Chair at Norton Le Moors Primary Academy)
Mrs Helen Stocking Chief Executive Officer (National Leader of Education)

Norton-le-Moors Primary Academy also has a Local Governing Body who work together with the Directors of the Trust to ensure that local issues are addressed and high standards are maintained.

The constitution of the local governing body is as follows: 1x teacher governor, 1x staff non-teaching governor, 2x community governors, 2x parent governors, 1x Head Teacher governor, 1x Executive Head Teacher governor

It is the responsibility of the trust to appoint new governors to each local board.  The manner in which the governing body is constituted is by an open public vote.

To contact any of the trust directors, or Local Governors, please send your query to the school address, or e-mail address, marked for the attention of the relevant director or governor. 

Members of the Governing Body at Norton-Le-Moors Primary Academy are:


Governor Type

Mr Alan Irving
Company Director
Mrs Leanne Barrow Company Director
Mrs Maxine Rizk Head Teacher
Mrs Julie Bourne Academy Business and Personnel Manager
Rev’d Anne Ballard Community Governor
Cllr David Evans Community Governor
Mrs Kerry Wragg Parent Governor
Mrs Kate Adams Teacher Governor
Mrs Kelly Bates Community Governor
Mrs Vicki Birks Staff Governor