Year 1A

The children were observing seasonal changes. We looked at the colours of Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. The children had to use those colours in an art lesson to paint flowers, trees and leaves which we would find in those seasons. We used their art work to produce this display.

Year 1R

In science in year 1R we are learning about seasonal changes. The children brought leaves, conkers and other autumnal items from home or off the playground. We sorted leaves into autumn and summer based on their colours. The children worked as a group with adult support to identify some the types of leaves that were found. The children enjoyed making autumn pictures by sticking leaves and drawing autumnal objects and animals.

Year 2

Year 2 are studying ‘Materials and their properties’ this half term. This links in with the toy topic that year 2 are currently studying. The children will be using their investigation skills throughout this topic. This includes exploring how the shape of clay can be changed, how toys move and how we can test the speed in which toys move fairly so our results are clear. Children will also be able to sort toys and other objects by their materials and their properties using the knowledge they have gained in this topic.

Year 3

This is year 3 examining rocks to sort by their various properties. We looked at chalk, granite, marble and slate. We discovered that different rocks can be used for different purposes due to their characteristics.

Year 5

The children were working scientifically, investigating how the Moon's craters could vary in size and shape. We used sand to represent the surface of the Moon and marbles for meteorites. The children changed the height, the angles and the size of the marbles and measured and observed the craters they made. Some pupils even tried to skim and bounce the meteorites to produce a particular effect.

We went to Haywood Academy to learn how to do a Podcast. Before this, the children had to work with a partner to produce a presentation about a planet or the Solar System. We then, recorded our work! It was great fun and I think we may have lots of budding presenters.

Year 6

This half term the children have been learning about classification of living things. We have had discussions classifying different groups including; mammals, invertebrates, and omnivores. We have looked at different habitats in the school ground and compared to other areas of the world. We have used and designed our own branching data bases to help classify different animals and plants.