Year 4

Topic Overview Autumn 1 Newsletter Term: Autumn 1
Topic: The Roman Empire

During this half term our learning will be centered around the Roman Empire. During English we will be writing a newspaper article all about Pompeii, as well as writing a recount as someone who survived the volcanic eruption. Also we will be looking at how we can write a persuasive letter. In Math we will be extending and challenging ourselves within the number topic, specifically learning how to tackle word problems, solve missing number problems and looking at mental addition and subtraction.During History will look the impact of the Roman Empire on Britain and the British resistance including Boudica. As part of our Science work we will be looking at all things electricity and making our own circuits! In PSHE we will be looking at New Beginnings and the importance of rules and right and wrong and as part of Computing we shall learn all about search engines and improving our copy and pasting skills.

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